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Unnayi Warrier
Unnayi Warrier
The legend behind UWSK, a sanskrit scholar and votary of arts.
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Pallipuram Gopala Nair
1st Principal
Pallipuram Gopala Nair was the 1st principal of UWSK.
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The nine expressions of face performed by an artist while playing Kathakali.
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Born as a member in Akathoot Warriam believed to be in the Southern side of Koodalmanickiam. A Sanskrit scholar and votary of arts was the poet laureate of the Travancore Province. He is the author of 3 important poems Girija Kalyanam, Sreerama Panchasathy and his Magnum opus Nalacharitham. Nalacharitham comes under the literary genre Attakatha ( Story for the performance of the play) Attakatha is performed as Kathakali. Nalacharitham is the unique romantic story in the Kathakali literature. Nalacharitham is a apple of discord for the critics of various ages. The characters in Nalacharitham is the touchstone of the skill of a Kathakali performer.

Unnayi Warrier was a devotee of Lord Sanghamesha and served him with making garlands for the lord. It is but coincidence that a memorial for him turned to be a foster-inshite of Koodalmanikiam Temple.
Unnayi Warrier

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