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Unnayi Warrier
The legend behind UWSK, a sanskrit scholar and votary of arts.
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Pallipuram Gopala Nair
1st Principal
Pallipuram Gopala Nair was the 1st principal of UWSK.
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The nine expressions of face performed by an artist while playing Kathakali.
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nala charitham  

Nalan and Dhamayanthi
The Nalacharitham, popularly known as the Sakunthalam of Kerala is staged only in parts. The characters Nala, Damayanthy, Flamingo (Hamsam) Kali, Demon, the Brahmin… are off-discussed. Interpretation of these characters are the acid test of Kathakali actors. It needs both strict Kathakali training and long experience in the field.

Nalacharitham is divided into 4 parts for the convinience of performance.

The 4 Nights Play
Karkodakan, the poisonous snake
During the first day of performance the the romantic nature of Nala and Damayanthy. The mission of the Flamingo, God's longing to marry her, their attempt through Nala, Nala's messengership, their union………….is enacted.

The second day's performance begins with the nuptials of Nala and Damayanthy, Kalt's effect in their life, as he has vowed to separate them, Nala's gambling with his brother Pushkara and losing his wealth and kingdom. Nala's exodus to forest and his separation from his wife.

During the third day Nala's encounter with Karkodakan, Nala's change of form as Bahuka, his arrival to saketham, as a charioteer. Arrival of Sudeva with the news of Damayanthy' second marriage, their jouney to Vidarbha to partake in the proposed marriage of Dmayanthy which is postponed due to one stranger.

During the fourth day of performance Damayanthy's visit to Bahuka, her confirmation of Bahuka as Nala and their reunion is depicted.

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